We build software that provides reliable, timely and affordable care for patients in their homes.

We're based out of New York City at 37 W 20th Street, Ste 801, New York, NY 10011. We're affiliated with care and supply providers all over the US so patients get fast turnaround times in all 50 states.


It costs nearly $12,000 for patient to spend a single night at a hospital. Delivering care at home is often far less expensive and much more convenient for patients. In many cases, patients, providers and insurance plans would all much rather go complete recovery at home than in the hospital.

But, robust infrastructure to enable this transition from the hospital to the home or the outpatient center to the home is missing. Instead, it's a patchwork of different vendors, tied together by faxes, phone calls and hours of time by nurses.

We're building that missing piece. Our platform makes the in-home care experience seamless for clinicians and reliable for patients.

Covering All 50 States

Although we're based in NYC, We're able to serve the vast majority of the United States with a wide array of in-home medical supplies and services, including rural and underserved areas.

Quality of Care

The quality of care that patients receive is our first priority. As far as possible, we stick to products and the precise plan of care recommended by providers. We're very selective with the vendors we partner with.

This means that every patient we work with receives the best possible care in their home.